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Tarika Vijayaraghavan, PhD

Professional experience: 

FoodHack Toronto Ambassador (industry)

Alternative Proteins Consulting Analyst (industry)     
Research Scientist (industry)
Research Officer (academia)

Dr. Vijayaraghavan brings over a decade of scientific research experience in molecular biology, genomics, bioinformatics and bioanalytical techniques including 3 years in the alternative proteins industry. Her skillset includes scientific deep dives, technical and market due diligence, research and growth strategy, and science communication in the cellular agriculture and precision fermentation sectors. Driven by her commitment to mitigating climate change and revolutionizing our current food system, she offers a unique blend of scientific knowledge and a passion for making a positive impact. 


Alma maters

Monash University, Australia (PhD)

McGill University, Canada (MSc)

Our Services

Green Smoothie


Scientific Deep Dive

A customized report that distills scientific jargon from peer-reviewed publications and presents itself in a digestible format.


Deep dives typically captivate the attention of founders, companies and investors. Non-scientific data may also be added to this report upon request.


Due Diligence

Due diligence is vital as it ensures comprehensive research and investigation prior to decision-making. It uncovers risks, evaluates information credibility, and enables informed choices, reducing surprises and enhancing success.


Startups and companies seek internal due diligence teams to scrutinize methodologies and outcomes. Investors and venture capitalists rely on external due diligence teams to assess potential portfolios.


Growth Strategy and Communications

R&D strategy and internal communications are helpful to build companies at every stage of growth. From strategizing a roadmap to assisting with grants, key scientific and communication strategies are required.


For early-stage startups and non-profits,  grant writing is an essential component of the R&D roadmap.

We offer a range of services tailored to meet your specific needs, including scientific consulting, strategic planning, technical due diligence, research operations, grant writing, communications and ad-hoc consulting.

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